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John Papa

John Papa @John_Papa

🌟Tip of the day 🌟 I find this very helpful when working with node and npm The -- is a special flag that allows you to pass parameters to the underlying script? Did you know ? https://t.co/zNF7IQQDST

Alex Jover Morales

Alex Jover Morales @alexjoverm

✍️ Gotcha: If you access an instance property within the dynamic import function on a computed prop, it won't work. ✅ You must do it outside so that @vuejs is aware of that dependency. This is commonly used for dynamic components and code splitting ✄ https://t.co/KKiFEY1dms

Richard Ekwonye

Richard Ekwonye @ekwonye

Always remember that the HTML5 <video> has a poster attribute that accepts the url to an image that would be rendered while your video loads and until the video is played. Always comes in handy 👌🏽

Caleb Porzio

Caleb Porzio @calebporzio

🧳🧳 It's soooo easy to persist Vuex state to localStorage - just add this one line to your store... This makes it so you can refresh the page and all the changes you made will remain intact. https://t.co/Hqd1XthsKn