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Matt Stauffer

Matt Stauffer @stauffermatt

Are you using @laravelphp Scout to index your records in Algolia? Are your tests slow as molasses? There’s a good chance they might be hitting Algolia with every test. ? Disable that right away by setting your `SCOUT_DRIVER` to `null` in phpunit.xml. https://t.co/PrXalPoGx6

Mohamed Said?

Mohamed Said? @themsaid

⚠️: If you use reject() or filter() the indices of the collection will be non-sequential, you have to call values() if you'll return it as JSON to avoid having a JSON object instead of a JSON array. https://t.co/25YadmoPZF

Andrew Schmelyun

Andrew Schmelyun @aschmelyun

Global variables across your entire Vue app w/o importing a config into each component is easy with webpack's DefinePlugin! (This is setup w/ Laravel's mix compiler, but works with vanilla webpack) https://t.co/Q7Feh99sQU