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Hey Future Jake 👋 🤓 Need to create a large file full of random stuff on the command line? dd to the rescue! dd if=/dev/urandom of=file.txt bs=1048576 count=100 The last number is the approximate final file size in MB. https://t.co/810bh0hEZp

Stefan Bauer

Stefan Bauer @stefanbauerme

🤩 Here is another thing I noticed lately. Did you know you @laravelphp introduced a new artisan command in v6? `php artisan db:wipe` to drop all tables, views, and types? You can pass the options `--drop-views` and `--drop-types` (Postgres only). This is awesome!

Laravel Daily

Laravel Daily @DailyLaravel

#Laravel tip of the day: if you want to create a middleware and run it on most of your pages, so on all of them except one or two - you can specify the exceptions in Middleware class itself, in $except array. https://t.co/PuhPcHFvVv

Jason McCreary

Jason McCreary @gonedark

⚗️ Whenever I generate test data, I like to explicitly set values which could change behavior, even if they are currently defaulted with the same value. The future brings change and resolving such a failure can be hard. https://t.co/d030JfKbJO


ModestasV @ModestasMV

TIP: You want to export #laravel eloquent query to native mysql? Here's a quick way to do it: https://t.co/ORGfKtEHNY - Gives out everything you need to run it in mysql console * Warning, doesn't go friendly with relationships and so on. Works on single queries