{ Laravel snippets }

Matt Stauffer

Matt Stauffer @stauffermatt

Did you know that @laravelphp’s dump() method (powered by Symfony var-dumper; also true for dd()) has a built-in search?! Super useful when dumping huge amounts of data. Just hit cmd-f on Mac. Assuming it’s ctrl-f on pc/linux. So good. https://t.co/u46Ubmsbkf

Stefan Bauer

Stefan Bauer @stefanbauerme

πŸ”₯ #Laravel Tip! Did you know, you can override the default faker locale en_US in your app.php? Just set faker_locale to whatever your like, for instance de_DE. Factories for instance, are using your specific language now. https://t.co/EUD80bRbiC

Adam Wathan

Adam Wathan @adamwathan

πŸ”₯ If you ever seed your Vue components with JSON data in your Blade templates, you *definitely* want to enable double-encoding. Without it, a rogue """ in any user-submitted data might blow up your front end! https://t.co/kifQ3ksv6H

That moment when you go: "I wonder if Laravel has something for solving this stuff " And BAM! 🀯 you find out there's an increment/decrement method for you to be as declarative as possible. https://t.co/sFQYuVsjrn