{ CSS snippets }

Ben Furfie

Ben Furfie @frontendben

Here's a really neat trick I always use in all my #tailwindcss powered sites. Need to make you <p> tag white but don't want to add text-white to every tag? You don't have to. Simply leverage the power of color: inherit. https://t.co/cfkoCb487k

Tyler van der Hoeven

Tyler van der Hoeven @tyvdh

Today I learned about `font-variant-numeric: tabular-nums;` Basically makes a text value act like monospace so when you’re scaling it up and down via a slider etc. it doesn’t jump around as much. https://t.co/2nb9ym3Khf

Wes Bos

Wes Bos @wesbos

? Did you know CSS has a `turn` unit? It’s often easier to turn something `rotate(0.75turn)` instead of doing the math to `rotate(270deg)`

Wes Bos ?

Wes Bos ? @wesbos

Two things I’ve been doing lately: 1. using aria-attributes in my CSS to dictate different UI states. (aria-busy for loading, aria-expanded for open/closed navs) 2. Disabling an entire <form> during loading states by wrapping in a fieldset. Using CSS to add loading animation https://t.co/rW1uRNK8eG

Achraf Kassioui

Achraf Kassioui @achrafkassioui

CSS tip: the <main> element isn't recognized as a default block level element in Internet Explorer. Set it to display: block in CSS so IE can display it correctly.