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Paul Redmond ??

Paul Redmond ?? @paulredmond

? This might be a known trick to some, but if you grab the source of JS libraries and paste into the console, you can easily mess around with the library/API (i.e., lodash, Moment, etc.) https://t.co/BtbS5rNDp7

MDN Web Docs

MDN Web Docs @MozDevNet

Found the perfect color? Grab it: 1. Select Eyedropper tool from the Web Developer Menu. Select the color! 2. Click the color sample next to a CSS color setting. When the color picker opens, click the eyedropper icon under the color swatch. Select the color! ? Look at that! https://t.co/eYHHL72bSf

Josh Manders ?

Josh Manders ? @joshmanders

TIL: instead of going to in your browser, you can just type 127.1 and it'll expand to, same with any other IP that has 0's in the middle.

Luke Edwards

Luke Edwards @lukeed05

Today I found out that nearly all browsers have an `Intl` object that handles formatting for DateTime, Currency, Number, and Pluralization! ? My examples here are pretty simple, but the formatters give you full control ? https://t.co/fKqr2sO8dN