{About Tweetsnippet}

Hi there!

I'll try to make this as short as possible since I know how valuable your time is. I tend to browse Twitter a 3-4 times a day and often I will stumble upon little pieces of code, tips & tricks for my code editor, good marketing advice or the like. I usually like the post or retweet it, but often I find it hard to keep track of all of these little goodies that are spread across the Twitterverse. This is the reason I created Tweetsnippet - to gather all of these little snippets of information in a single place, primarily for myself, but if it helps someone out there on the great internet, I am more than happy :).

A huge thanks goes out to all of the happy Tweeters who make this possible by posting all of their best tips & tricks and great advice on Twitter. Another great thanks goes out to Twitter for making their API publicly accessible, and also for making a great suite of application that helps many people every day.

Happy tweeting!

Casper Sørensen - @RealMthrRussia