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Markus Oberlehner 🇪🇺

Markus Oberlehner 🇪🇺 @MaOberlehner

⚡️ When naming your components, always form a sentence like "A Link with an Image" = LinkImage. "A List with Checkmarks" = ListCheckmark. The resulting names may seem less natural, but it greatly helps with organizing your components. https://t.co/JfSB3KazEt

Liam Hammett

Liam Hammett @LiamHammett

🔥 You don't need a closing tag when using the @​php directive in @laravelphp Blade, you can put some logic on a single line. It's especially nice to use it to do things like setting default values in a partial with the null-coalesce-assign operator. https://t.co/raQZBfPyxm

💡 in Laravel you can do things as the framework is terminating (after request has been processed!) You can do this in a middleware, using App::terminating with callback or natively with PHP using register_shutdown_function https://t.co/Z6tzN8jdkd

Jack McDade✨📺✨

Jack McDade✨📺✨ @jackmcdade

🔥 When working with position:absolute and want to move an element around in relation to the natural content flow… Use margin instead of `top/left/right/bottom`.