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Ryan Chandler

Ryan Chandler @ryangjchandler

⚡️ Did you know that Laravel now has first-party directives for conditionally outputting disabled, checked and selected attributes on HTML elements? Much nicer than if directives or ternaries. https://t.co/5vFsO9JER2

Matt Kingshott 🏝

Matt Kingshott 🏝 @mattkingshott

🔥 #Laravel Tip: Rate-limiting is not only for throttling entire requests. You can also use it to throttle methods or parts of your code, which can be really useful when you need to protect things against spikes e.g. the DB. https://t.co/1pN04w9WXW

Chris⚡Arter 🤘

Chris⚡Arter 🤘 @ChrisArter

TIL about secret columns in a new version of MySQL 8. What are they? They are columns that do not show up in a SELECT * statement. They must be explicitly declared. (Thanks to @mmartin_joo 🥳) Here's an example in Laravel: https://t.co/NN4ftjN1O7

Dean Morgan

Dean Morgan @deanzod

Quick #laravel tip. Use whereIntegerInRaw() instead of whereIn() if you are querying against a large array of integers. One of my test queries went from 25 seconds to 200ms. #laraveltips

Andrew Schmelyun

Andrew Schmelyun @aschmelyun

Recently learned about fluent JSON testing in Laravel, basically being able to easily test an expected API's response down to the attributes + their values! https://t.co/eCnSRClWSb