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ModestasV @ModestasMV

TIP: You want to export #laravel eloquent query to native mysql? Here's a quick way to do it: https://t.co/ORGfKtEHNY - Gives out everything you need to run it in mysql console * Warning, doesn't go friendly with relationships and so on. Works on single queries

Steve Schoger

Steve Schoger @steveschoger

🔥 One way to make a boring form look more interesting is to draw inspiration from how the output of the form is designed. Here are a few ways you can reuse your existing design decisions to make a form more exciting: https://t.co/URoBGyC1LE

Jason McCreary

Jason McCreary @gonedark

Came across a quick way to fake a single requirement so Composer can install a dependency instead of using the heavy handed `--ignore-platform-reqs`. https://t.co/LYsHRmTJon