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David Hemphill

David Hemphill @davidhemphill

Just learned that an input element with a type of "email" can take the boolean attribute "multiple", allowing for a comma-separated list of emails to be entered. 🔥 https://t.co/jFFjiLMDVq

Jesse Schutt 💬

Jesse Schutt 💬 @jesseschutt

If your test is failing and you're pretty sure it shouldn't be, try adding "->fresh()" to the model under assertion. Chances are the assertion is failing due to creation properties such as "wasRecentlyCreated" on the original model. #laravelphp #testing https://t.co/8H8am3oxxW

Joseph Silber

Joseph Silber @joseph_silber

🔥 The "optional" helper in @laravelphp is great for safely calling a method on an object that could be null. But what if the method is not on the actual object itself? Well now you can pass in a closure to "optional", and it'll only call it if the given object is not null 💯 https://t.co/0RIbUffuOY