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Did you know you may also pass `null` as a function typed parameter value in #PHP, even though the type is not marked nullable with `?` All parameters with a default value of `null` may receive `null` as a value. https://t.co/mdbqXprZag

Steve Schoger

Steve Schoger @steveschoger

? When designing a chart, using a variety of colors might seem like a good idea at first but it can make it a lot harder for people with color blindness to interpret the data. Instead, try using multiple shades of the same hue — it's more accessible and looks better too ? https://t.co/6nUWZ6BMUv

Caleb Porzio

Caleb Porzio @calebporzio

@jmlallier Here's when ->zip()'s useful: Taking vertical slices of horizontally grouped data (think rows and columns in a DB). If each row is a "year", & each column is "sales/mo" (12 columns), you could get "January sales over 3 years like so": $year1->zip($year2, $year3)->first()