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Wes Bos

Wes Bos @wesbos

🔥 Use the modulus operator in JavaScript to find out if a number has a decimal. You can then use that in Intl.NumberFormat to trim off .00 when displaying prices of whole dollar amounts https://t.co/t59fXDJrAD

Bruno Falcão 🚀

Bruno Falcão 🚀 @brunocfalcao

🔥Laravel tip If you want to save an Eloquent model without triggering Eloquent Events use the method saveQuietly() $yourModel->saveQuietly() Lifesaver on model observers when you don't want to recursively trigger its own events (ending in an infinite loop)

The Laravel Dev

The Laravel Dev @TheLaravelDev

While adding a New Column to existing table using Migration, the column is always added at the last. ✅You can use the after() to place the New Column after a specific column. ✅You can also use the first() to place the New Column at the start of the table. #Laravel https://t.co/hNaiFuYZi5